Moments In Time: five more
I've lost count exactly how many this is. And it's been a while since I've written any.  But a friend had a loooooong day today.  And I hope this brings a small smile at the end of that long day.

So, Five more Moments In Time (and they're ALL HAPPY/SAPPY/FLUFFY ones (generally)).  Imagine that.

Title:  Moments In Time (dur)
Fandom:  SVU (Alex/Olivia)
Rating:  Oh, PG-13, really

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Fanfic: SVU
Title: It's A Start
Rating: PG/PG-13
Show/Pairing: SVU: Alex/Olivia

Notes: Something a little different. Not quite drabbles, but not quite a single thread, either. This, I suppose, could be read on its own, but its inspiration was Alex and Olivia's scene at the beginning of Theater Tricks (as the title was also inspired by one of Olivia's quotes in that scene). These are five different miniscenes as I imagined them, generally in chronilogical order, all together describing the longer thread of Alex/Olivia's 'date'.

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Can I Get A Photoshoot (pic fic)
Title: Can I Get A Photoshoot
Rating: PG
Notes: Based on new pictures of Sasha Alexander (which you can see here, this is a mini-pic-fic based on sequential screencaps from Can I Get A Witness about those pictures...

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(no subject)
Title: Snapshots (71-80)
Rated: PG-13 (a bad word or two)
Notes: It's been a while, so just as a reminder, these are a collection of 10 unrelated, self-contained Jane/Maura drabbles (100 word stories—like snapshots of their lives); some are just friendship, some perhaps more than friendship. As always, feedback is love. :)

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Moments In Time, the big 2-5-0
Moments In Time: 240-250
Rated PG-13 (one in this group *might* be an R, but overall, I’ll stick with PG-13)

NOTE 1: I feel I have hit some kind of milestone here. 250. I am blown away. When I started these however many years ago, reaching 100 was a distant goal. And now, with this collection of 10, I hit 250. I am so grateful to have found this medium to express myself (and express Alex/Olivia, lol) and I am so grateful to everyone who has read and commented and encouraged along the way. To us and to Alex/Olivia! :)

NOTE 2: Remember, this collection, like the entire series, spans Alex and Olivia's entire relationship, up to and now including the current season. There are no particular spoilers for the current season, but one makes reference to the recent past.

NOTE 3: The rest of this series (the first 240 drabbles) are scattered around LJ. Probably the easiest place to find them all would be at ff dot net: Moments In Time

As always, feedback is lurve. :)

And, of course, I own nuthin'.

And one more time, thank you all!

Enough blabbering!

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mini SVU scene re-write
This isn't the mini picfic that I was going to write (and I may still write the other one). This is a little re-write of the scene in Cutter's office…with what Alex Cabot REALLY meant to say. :D

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Moments in Time (SVU - A/O)
Fandom: SVU (Alex/Olivia)

Five drabbles, kicked off by one inspired by my recent experience in NYC during Irene. A couple of these have been kicking around my harddrive for a while so I HOPE I haven't already published them.

I believe this makes 240 total....10 more until that magic number. :)

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Unabashed Stephanie March / Cabot focused Set Visit!
I don't even know where to begin, I really don't. So I guess I'll begin from the beginning. You all know how much I love SVU and love Alex Cabot and how excited I was when I saw Alex Cabot filming last January. Well, another opportunity arose to see her ruling the courthouse steps once again.

So I got on the horn to a cyber friend and sent out the Cabot signal:

Get thee backside to NYC, for it appears that Teh Smarch will be filming on the courthouse steps on Thursday.

Now, though all the signs indicated that Smarch *would* be filming on the steps, there was so much that could go wrong. They could cancel. We could be wrong and Smarch wasn't filming that day after all (even though it was near the courthouses). They could be doing only interior shots. It could rain and screw everything up (this almost happened!).

BUT, none of that came to pass. And in the end, we hit the jackpot. Not only did we get to see Smarch filming not just one scene, not just two scenes, but THREE different and distinct scenes, but WE MET HER, too, and got our picture taken with her!

Best day of set stalking ever? Other than my very first experience set stalking SVU... yeah, pretty close.

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Law and Order: SVU drabbles
Drabbles! Only five, but I'm super busy and not sure I could finish a whole set of 10.

Fandom: SVU (Alex/Olivia)

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Rizzoli And Isles PicFic
I've done pic fics before for SVU (Alex/Olivia) and generally entertain myself greatly while making them. Well, now here's one for Rizzoli & Isles. This is a pic fic told with sequential screencaps from Episode 1.04 She Works Hard For the Money of Rizzoli & Isles. But, like all my pic fics, it has NOTHING to do with that episode. There is less than no resemblance, lol.

This is just all meant in good fun. And, alas, I'm making no money off this.

Title: Rizzoli & Isles: When the Gay Goes Bang Bang Bang
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Everyone knows Jane is gay. Everyone, that is, except for Jane.

WARNING: VERY image intense. NOT wireless friendly.

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